Have you ever ask why the leaves fall in the Autumn? And, why does only fall in some type of trees? Discover the answer to these questions  here.


Mice, shrews, squirrels and salamanders of the forest.

Deers and boars.

Foxes and lynxes.

Meet the European deciduous forest's animals and other ones.


This type of forest is a biome of temparate zones. They have warm or fresh summers and cold winters. It has 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) with a definite differences between them with different biological activity in each one.

Precipitation is abundant and regular all the year (about 200 - 1 500 mm). There is no aridity in any month

Temperature in the coldest month is about -5ºC - 5ºC, but the average is 10ºC aprox.


Brow soils with a lot of hummus and humidity enought. Also they have good ventilation thanks for the quantity of worms.

In cold season, only freeze the ground superficial layer.

All these reasons makes it a perfect place for vegetation develop.

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